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Oh, look, R-rated fics!

Title: Untitled

Author: Rasgado

Rating: R

Pairing: Chim/Nate.

Summary: On the book. Not me.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Chim, but I think I am a shareholder of Nate. :P

Notes: Alpha-read by verklingen

That look of concentration does it all.

He gets serious and quiet when he reads. His focus is sharp and intense.

On the book. Not me.

I cannot take it.


Chim slumps against his office seat. His trousers are undone, his satiated lover nestled comfortably between his parted legs.

Nate’s lips are deliciously swollen.

Chim runs his fingers through Nate’s hair.

This is why Chim reads, and he reads quite a lot.

Title: Untitled

Author: Rasgado

Rating: R

Pairing: Inigo/Leon

Summary: "You know what really gets me?"

Disclaimer: I fucking own these boys! Haha!

Notes: Alpha-read by verklingen

Iñigo smiles when he feels arms around his waist.

‘You know what really gets me?’

His breath is hot against Iñigo’s ear.

‘It’s when we go to bed and pretend that we’re about to sleep, but really, we are raring to go at each other with no semblance of control.’

Iñigo is pretty sure this is the most verbose that he has heard Leon speak.

‘It’s the way we dance around each other, the way I pull you close. Innocent, but not quite.’

His head falls back, slipping, fitting against Leon’s shoulder. His breath catches in his chest.

Leon’s whisper is so hot against his ear.

‘It is this moment, before you let go.’

This is going to be a long night, he gasps. And closes his eyes.

Now, if you think I can write legit NC-17, let me know. Comments would be really lovely and loved. :)


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