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Title: Later or I Think I Like How The Day Sounds (Through This New Song)
Author: Verklingen
Summary: It will not be lost on him – Nathan has been away for the past month and would not be back for a few more weeks, and he missed him, god, he missed him terribly, but this certainly would not do.
Word Count: ~1100
Notes: The title, I got from a song by Greg Laswell, “How The Day Sounds.” It’s a line there, “I think I like how the day sounds / how the day sounds through this new song” and it’s what ultimately prompted this, aside from it coming from the previous holiday fic. Ahaha. Kinda, um, a little on the cheesy side, but then again, River and Lex had cheesy moments too. Cheesy in the most dignified way possible, because it’s Chim, and he’s nothing if not…dignified. I don’t own Chim, or Nate, or River, or Inigo, or Miguelito, or Leon, but it was fun playing around with them this hols. :D Happy New Year, Aiel!:D

Later / I Think I Like How The Day Sounds (Through This New Song)

A squeal of joy will escape Miguelito’s lips as he rips open Chim’s present (a complete set of Narnia books). The boy will send him a flying kiss and Chim will beam, proud, not because his present was superb, but simply because the boy loved books, loved reading, and couldn’t he simply be proud of that?

Across him, Inigo will be staring at the envelope in his hands, reading the papers from River and Christ, is that a college plan, and he promptly wants to smack himself for not thinking of it (He’d gotten Inigo that new TiVo he’d been eyeing but never had the time to buy himself because of his son) but the urge will pass eventually. Although, he will think for now, in what universe does River give a proper present?

By then, River will have handed over his present to the boy, an enormous box, because he’s River, and the boy will be grinning in a moment because his gift is a junior potions brewing kit and oh Lord, River is on a roll.

The room will erupt in a yell and the boy will be running across the room to kiss Lex repeatedly, though, because he’s outdone River and given him a junior baking oven. They will already be setting baking dates and Inigo will still be frazzled over the college plan and River will be laughing, because ‘Inigo’s face.’

That’s when Lex will decide to take pity on Inigo and hand over his own present, and to Chim’s horror, it will be a tastefully wrapped set of lube and condoms and what are they thinking opening that in front of his son? Not that he will have noticed, but he could is the bloody point! And somehow, Inigo will catch the joke, because he hadn’t had time, not even for that, and it’ll be more of a reminder of how much he’s grown up than anything, and he will get that, too. It won’t stop him from scowling, however, and moaning, “Nobody loves me.”

And at this point, Miguelito will come back from rummaging under the tree and will hand them each a stocking. It will be made of red felt, with cotton trimmings, and his name written on it in glitter, the kind hand-made in school, and already, Chim will be happy. Inside it will be a small macaroni frame with a picture of him and Nathan inside. It will have been taken from a low angle, and Chim will realize the boy himself had taken it.

Inigo will be beaming proudly at him, and will laugh out loud at Leon’s face because his stocking has coal in it, and Leon will say, “You baked already?” and the boy will only stick his tongue out at him in reply.

The horror of all horrors will turn out to be Lex’s present to Chim, which will be a tastefully, elegantly, expensively-wrapped vibrator.

“I know how you pine,” Lex will say as he, Chim, stares disbelievingly at the thing in his hands. It will not be lost on him – Nathan has been away for the past month and would not be back for a few more weeks, and he missed him, god, he missed him terribly, but this certainly would not do.

“It’s even yellow,” Inigo will comment with a coo, stifling a laugh and patting him on the back, “how thoughtful.”

“If that’s an accurate representation,” River will murmur to Lex, “I will be very much disturbed.”

Chim will think he hears “jaundice” and Inigo will respond something about “yellow fever” and Lex will say something along the lines of “sunshine” but it won’t matter because his mobile will be ringing, so he’ll step away, a little bit embarrassed at how Lex actually had it right, but really, a little bit happier because it will be Nathan on the phone.

“If it makes you feel any better,” Nathan will tell him, chuckling softly, “Lex sent one to me, too, and it’s blue.”

“Blue?” Chim will turn around to narrow his eyes at Lex, but Lex will already be setting up his gift to Miguelito in the kitchen, with the others.

“He said the color was the apt representation of ‘dying from disuse’,” there will be a sigh, “And I really couldn’t argue that point.”

And what Chim will want to say is I miss you, come home, but instead he’ll say, “Yes, we certainly can’t argue that.”

“Then maybe let me in and that can be seen to in a bit?”

Chim will expect him to be talking about the floo, and will be on his way to tell Inigo about the wards, but the doorbell will ring and he’ll know, and he’ll think, “It’s you, isn’t it?”

The grin on the man’s face as he opens the door will confirm it, and Chim will pull him inside, kissing him, and Nathan’s nose will be cold, and he’ll be thick with layer upon layer of winter clothes, but Chim’s always liked unwrapping his presents, so he won’t mind.

And behind him, there will be murmurs of “Aha, my threat worked on him, you see” or “Did he bring my presents” and maybe someone says “Ahou” and another voice will say “It doesn’t mean they can’t still use them” and he’ll smile, despite the indignity, against his partner’s lips.

And later, much later, when it’s just them in their flat, Chim will unwrap his present, layer by layer, and they’ll lie together and move together, erasing an entire month’s worth of longing and want, and Chim will be the happiest he’s been in a long time. He will wake up to being kissed and will relish it, because it’s the life he’s always wished for, and he’s gotten it for Christmas and for the foreseeable future, and Chim will realize this is the happiest he’s ever been in his entire life.

But for now, they will kiss, a few inches away from the front door of Inigo’s flat, warmth and smiles under the mistletoe. What will eventually break them apart is an entire chorus of “Yuck” coming from the kitchen, and he will laugh then and pull away.

Later, he will smile and take Nathan’s hand, leading them both to the kitchen, later.

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